Our Building is a Resource for Our Community!

Thank you for your interest in using our building for your meeting, organization or event. We are delighted to offer several different spaces able to meet needs from weddings to focus groups, concerts to conferences. Please look over the various descriptions of these spaces to see what might fit your purpose.

It is our goal to use our newly renovated building as a community resource, serving our neighbors according to our mission of welcoming all, seeking justice, and supporting peace. When you are ready, please contact christchurchsong@gmail.com and we'll provide you with further information, a Building Use Application, a Facilities Use Agreement, and an opportunity to meet with us and view the space(s) in person.

We request a four week time frame to review, meet together, and approve your event, making sure that all needs and safety concerns are met. We ask for moderate fees, but will consider specific circumstances as needed. 

Our Mission:

We are a progressive, open and affirming church following the teachings of Jesus Christ. We celebrate the diversity of our community and are committed to being a resource that supports the needs of our neighbors. We strive with Christian love to serve all people and to be active in the struggle for justice and peace. 


As an open and affirming church it is our intent that all who enter and use our space are welcomed and safe regardless of ethnicity, gender orientation, or socio-economic status.

Our Spaces: 

We have four main spaces available; the Sanctuary, Stewart Hall, the Education Room, and an  upstairs Chapel. The entire building is ADA accessible, and we are working to have interenet available throughout.  Chairs, tables, whiteboards, and AV equipment can be set up as needed. A Galley Kitchen can also be made available. It is important to us that everyone have a safe, respectful, and welcoming experience in our building, and we ask that you carefully review the guidelines in the Building Use Application and the Facilities Use Agreement and committ to abide by them.    


The Sanctuary

Our main space is our beautiful sanctuary, which has been renovated to allow open seating arrangements with a stage area in the front. It is equipped with two screens and a sound system. We expect to have live streaming capability soon.  A grand piano is also available.

Room Specs

Room size     62x58

Stage size      24 x 24, also ADA accessible

Occupancy   239

User Fee

Sexton Fee


The balcony is off limits to all but staff and sound techs.    

Stewart Hall

A spacious room for gatherings and receptions of all kinds. Large windows let in a generous amount of light and the open design allows for flexible table and chair setups. A small sink and counter is available in the back of the room, as well as a screen.

Room Specs

Room size      40x45

Occupancy    120

User Fee

Sexton Fee 

Education Room

A space for meetings and group gatherings, this room can be set up with various table and chair arrangements and is equipped with a screen and white board. It can also be divided in half for breakout groups or other needs. 


Room Specs

Room size     21x39

Occupancy   49

User Fee  $50/hour, max $300/day

Sexton Fee   $25/hour as needed   


Another great meeting space, elevator accessible on the second floor and across the hall from the music and art room, the chapel provides a wonderful area for a variety of gatherings from meetings to art to yoga. It is equipped with a screen and a white board. Bathrooms are available on the same floor.


Room Specs

Room size     17x36

Occupancy    40

User Fee  $50/hour, max $300/day

Sexton Fee    $25/hour as needed  

Galley Kitchen     equipped with a small sink, refrigerator, counter space, a microware, an electric tea kettle, and a coffee maker. Guests will be asked to bring their own utensils, plates, and supplies.

Bathrooms              ADA accessible bathrooms are available on each floor;  four on the first floor and two on the second. There is also a small bathroom in the rear of the sanctuary.  

Tables and Chairs  we have 10 white rectangular tables 3'x6', 75 white plastic folding chairs, 62 black plastic chairs,and 75 mauve fabric chairs.