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We feel that the church has a responsibility to use and invest our resources in such way that we do good and not harm.  We call this good stewardship.


Our church's investments are all held by United Church Funds.  UCF helps us align our ethics with our pocketbook by using social "filters" to determine where to invest.  An example, in the video here, addresses the Palestinian issue.

Making Investments Decisions that Work for Good


It is good to be able to work with an investment fund that allows us to work for good.  The vision statement for United Church Funds includes the following:


  • United Church Funds strives to be a trusted partner in transformation.
  • Transforming generosity — investing our clients’ funds wisely to grow money for ministry.
  • Transforming capitalism — using shareholder engagement and activism to improve the way business is done.
  • Transforming our environment — evolving as individuals and an organization to better serve our investors and our world.
  • Transforming the future — helping accomplish God’s work on the planet for generations to come.

While United Church Funds does not serve individual investors, there are other options that individuals can take to make thier money work sympathetically with their investments.  See some examples and resources below.