Sun. 10am - English Worship – Sun. 10am - Worship + Children’s Programming (ages 0-18) is provided.

Here is what you can expect on a normal Sunday morning.

We gather at 10:00.  Some people are more traditionally dressed for Sunday morning, but many come in their "everyday" clothes.

The church deacons will great you and answer any questions you might have.  They want to be helpful.

Children generally attend the first ten minutes of the service and can stay, but also have the option to go to the nursery/child care program.

The service feels conversational and friendly.  It is not high ritual but it is also not unstructured.  Hopefully you will find it comfortable.

In worship we will sing together.  Sometimes the organ accompanies us, sometimes guitar and once in a while we go it alone.  There are responsive readings. 

At one point in the service we get up from our seats and welcome each other.  This is very informal and lasts just a couple of minutes.

Our service generally gets out around 11:00 am.

You are welcome (really) to join for a refreshments and conversation after the service.  Stay as long or leave as quickly as you want.  People just enjoy sitting and visiting before moving along with their day.

Spiritual Growth

Wednesday Night Supper and Study

Each Wednesday night at 6:00 we gather to eat a meal and then explore some aspect of our spirituality.  We invite anyone who is interested in such a discussion to join us.  We invite your questions and the wisdom you bring.

Spiritual Guidance Counseling

We are privileged to have Rev. Paul Millin offering this service at CCU.  Paul comes to this relationship through the two-year Enrichment Program in Individual Spiritual guidance of the Shalem Institute of Bethesda, Maryland.  Click below for more information.

Small Group Ministry

We are beginning a "small group" ministry that will add a dimension of spirituality and fellowship to our life together.  Group leaders are currently in training.  If there is an interest in this ministry, please contact the pastor.