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Music and the Arts are an essential part of our ministries of worship and our life in the community.

They are the voice of the soul, the seeds of creativity, and the learning of life. We strive to integrate them into all aspects of our programs.



Sunday Worship is led by piano, voice, guitar, our volunteer choir "Voices," and frequently by guest musicians bringing expertise from trumpet to flute, gospel to jazz. Sacred music has risen from all ages and ethnicities, and we embrace a great diversity in our music. Word and movement are also and poetry are not out of the question!   


Organ music is deeply loved, and we look forward to the complete restoration of our E.M. Skinner pipe organ, when it will once again sing out in worship and concert.


Voices is an unauditioned choir which meets Sunday at 9AM to prepare for the service. We are alway happy to welcome new members, and the only requirement is a love of music.


Concerts are an important part of our life in the community, and are open to all, from our annual Jazz, Justice, and Gospel concert, to hosting the Town and the City Festival, the Watoto choir, and smaller groups such as the Funky Divas, Atlas Soul, and world music ensemble Village Harmony.


Lowell Learns is our community music and arts initiative which seeks to provide classes and events for learners of all ages and skill levels.